TLB1188 - Translation of the Bible: History and Theory II(ECTS 3 - sem. I)
Obiettivi didattici:
At the end of the course, students will be able to: Identify and analyze intertextuality in selected biblical texts; Explore and discuss the implications of Functionalism/Skopos theorie for translation of intertextuality, and develop a strategy related to audience need; Demonstrate appreciation for the expressive potential of vernacular language, highlighting specific examples from the language(s) of their own cultural context Produce draft translations of selected biblical texts that demonstrate resolving intertextual relationships between ST and TT
Contenuti delle lezioni:
This course builds upon Translation of the Bible: History and Theory I. Each time this course is offered, it will introduce different themes, topics, and problems of Bible translation. This semester’s focus will be on translating intertextuality. We will also focus on the Functional School (introduced in I), its approach to translation types, and Source text evaluation. Students will engage in practical translation exercises of biblical texts marked by intertextuallity, with specific audiences in mind.
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Select articles and chapters provided by professor

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IMartedì6TLB1188Translation of the Bible: History and Theory IIXXXIXCorso intensivo si tiene il martedì e il giovedì dalle 15.00 alle 16.30 da 5 ottobre a 11 novembre
IGiovedì6TLB1188Translation of the Bible: History and Theory IIXXXIXCorso intensivo si tiene il martedì e il giovedì dalle 15.00 alle 16.30 da 5 ottobre a 11 novembre

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