TLB1061 - Translation of the Bible: History and Theory(cr. 3 - sem. I)
Obiettivi didattici:
1. To introduce the phenomenon of Bible translation as a component of mission history and to trace its early developments. 2. To introduce developments in the theoretical framework of translation studies from the 1950’s-present day and locate the activity of Bible translation within this framework. 3. To introduce the types of problems translators must address as they translate the Bible in specific contexts.
Contenuti delle lezioni:
Modalità di svolgimento:
The course will be comprised of a combination of pedagogical methods. Traditional lectures (with discussion) will be used to introduce the history and geography of Bible translation, and to introduce translation theory. Consideration of case studies, discussed in a seminar format, will provide a framework for exploring types of Bible translations, and specific translation examples and problems will be employed to demonstrate aspects of translation theory.
Modalità di verifica:
An oral examination will be administered on the last day(s) of the course.
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IMercoledì6TLB1061Translation of the Bible: History and TheoryVIICorso Intensivo. Si terrà a ottobre e novembre, mercoledì e lunedì 6 e 7 ora.
IVenerdì6TLB1061Translation of the Bible: History and TheoryVIICorso Intensivo. Si terrà a ottobre e novembre, mercoledì e venerdì 6 e 7 ora.

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