Nomina di Sua Eccellenza Vescovo Gennadios

Sua Eccellenza il Vescovo Gennadios del Botswana del Patriarcato Ortodosso di Alessandria, ex alunno della PUU, è stato nominato membro della Commissione per il Dialogo Teologico fra la Chiesa cattolica e quella Ortodossa.
A Sua Eccellenza giungano i più fervidi auguri per un proficuo lavoro per l’unità delle Chiese e la mutua comprensione.


His Grace Gennadios Bishop of Botswana (born Stylianos Stantzios) was born in 1969 in Eslingen in the then West Germany. He studied at the Theological Faculty of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. He was tonsured as a Monk by His Eminence Spyridon of Langada and lived for 4 years at the Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Langada. In 1990 he was ordained Deacon and in 1996 Priest (and on the same day was consecrated to the rank of Archimandrite) by His Eminence Prokopios of Philippon, Neapolis and Thasos (Kavala). He served for 12 years at the Holy Metropolis of Philippon, beside the Metropolitan as Archdeacon and his Private Secretary, Preacher, Parish Priest of the Holy Cathedral of St Paul, Responsible for Youth and Catechetical Schools, Press and Public Relations of the Holy Metropolis, as well as in other executive positions of the local Church of Philippon. While serving as Parish Priest in the Parish of Nikisianis (Pangaiou), he was seconded to the Holy Metropolis of Eleftheroupolis at the Holy Metropolis of Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he served in the Secretariat of the Metropolis and in two Greek Communities. At the beginning of 2004, by order of the late Patriarch Petros VII of Alexandria he travelled to Port Elizabeth in the Holy Metropolis of Cape Town. On his return to the Venerable Centre of the Patriarchate, he served in the Patriarchal Registry Office. Following the tragic accident of 11th September 2004, he was appointed as Chancellor by the Holy Synod, during the Substitution period. On the election of His Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros II, he was appointed Chancellor of the Holy Synod and Dean of the historic Cathedral of the Annunciation in Alexandria. On 1st November 2006, by venerable proposal of His Beatitude he was elected Bishop of Nilopolis and his ordination by His Beatitude took place on the 26th of the same month in the Holy Cathedral of the Annunciation in Alexandria and he continued to carry out his duties as Bishop and Chancellor of the Holy Synod. He completed his Post-Graduate studies at the Urbaniana Pontifical University in Rome, attending special lectures in the studies of Mission, Ecumenical Dialogue and the application of humanistic programmes by the Church. Apart from Greek, he speaks English and Italian. He was elected Bishop of Botswana by proposal of His beatitude by the Holy Synod on 7th October 2010.